Meeting my soulmate.

Setting the scene… I am 23, single, no responsibilities, tons of ambition. It’s a Thursday night and me and the girls never go out on a Thursday night but, something egged us on that night. We needed to dance, drink, and mingle.

We decided to hit up the local strip joint. It was dingy, dirty, the woman couldn’t dance, and the air was stale. We loved that place. Despite its many short comings, they had pool tables, you could still smoke inside, and in a town that only housed 16 000 that was bopping on a Thursday night.

It was the regular routine that night. We got dressed up. Had a few drinks before leaving. Then set out to see what excitement was waiting for us.

As we walked into the bar my eyes scanned the room. Same bartenders and dancers as usual. The same familiar faces of the people we grew up with drinking, laughing, and blowing their hard earned cash on a $6 bottles of beer. Then something caught my eye. Sitting up at the stage (perverts row as the correct term) was a boy. A beautiful boy. I could feel something in my soul that I have never felt before. There was something about that beautiful boy. Before even making eye contact with him I turned to my girls and said something I never thought would ever mutter out of my mouth. “That’s him girls. That’s the man I am gonna marry.”

I spent that entire night trying to get his attention. Making small talk in the smoking room. Asking him for a game of pool. He was less than interested and it was clear but, I wasn’t ready to give up. Not on him and not on that feeling. So I decided to be bold. I grabbed that beautiful boy and I kissed him, hard. We actually spent the rest of the night kissing. I wrote my number on a $10 bill and then he took me home in cab. For the record he dropped me off at home and carried on his way home as we both had to work in only a few hours.

The weekend passed and I didn’t hear from him. It didn’t make sense in my head or heart. I got in touch with a mutual friend who was at the bar and got his number. It turned out he paid for the cab with the $10 bill so he didn’t have my number.

From that moment on we were inseperatable. We spent every moment together. It was everything I ever asked for. It was blissful. Until he told me something very important. He had a daughter. My 23 year old self had no immediate plans to start a family. I was just starting to get myself together but, I loved him. In turn I decided if his child was part of the deal then I would love her too. And I did. We quickly became a family the three of us. Both he and his daughter moved in and we started our life as a domesticated couple.

As little miss independent and little miss broken it shouldn’t have been a shock that I was not going to be able to be satisfied and happy until death do us part but, I’ll get into that at another time.


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