I close my eyes and listen intently to the voices in my head.  Waiting for some sort of sign or signal to help push me in the direction I should be going.  I feel like I have been there and done that but yet I want more.  Nothing ever seems to be enough.

Once upon a time, seemingly so long ago, I knew what I wanted out of life.  I knew where I wanted to go and now…I have lost my calling.  I had big dreams and so much ambition.  I foolishly put it on the backburner thinking love was the way to go.

Now I sit here with the love and nothing more.  No dreams left to get lost in.  No ambition to lead the way.

I am a free spirit but cannot spread my wings.  I wake, I feed, I work, I sleep.  No time or energy to push things further.

So I wait.  I wait for someone or something to take my hand and pull me from this nothingness I feel inside.  Out of the muck and into the world so once again I can feel my calling.


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